cinphul is

Evocative Cathartic Alienesque

A digital fashion brand by Imokon Neox that will worm into the crevices of your mind and infect your fashion sense.


We're going to hell in style

Imokon began creating VR content in 2010 but it was a cacophony of emotions and ideas. In 2014 her work began to resonate a deeper and darker calling, unearthing past traumatic experiences and challenging stigma where decency and indulgence met.

It has since evolved into an artistic expression featuring grotesque yet erotic creations worn as accessories and shoes in the virtual space. The influence of having a puritanical upbringing that mandated forced modesty and vilified those who towered in heels is reverberated by the sheer extravagance in each design.

cinphul is a self-fulfilling prophecy, if there is a hell we're going in style.

The Team

Crafting and curating in the bitter dark

Like everyone in virtual reality we have a yearning to express our inner selves and relish the freedom this space provides to nurture and grow as human beings. Imokon makes the weird stuff and Scar makes sure everything is still professional and user friendly.

Imokon Neox

Imokon Neox Content Creator

Can't watch horror movies. Obsessed with wuxia & xianxia. Will mill your deck with blue/ black rogues.

Baby Shark

Scar Requiem Brand Manager

The silent type.. unless poked. Tends to converse in sarcasm. Clothing optional. Attitude included. Puppy at heart.

Our Work

going to hell in style

cinphul is an artistic expression featuring erotic and disturbing creations primarily worn as accessories and shoes in the virtual space. From cold-hearted hard surface shoes to the fleshy metals of organic crowns and hairsticks, cinphul creations are bound to make a statement year round.

Inspiration for some of the most iconic cinphul looks are drawn from nature, tapping into the vivid colors and organic yet precise gemoteric silhouettes of insects and creatures of the deep. Creepy but sexy.

You can view the product catalog of previous releases here or join our Discord server to stay in the loop on upcoming events and offerings.


You can now wear cinphul on your real life visage.



// btwns [collection]

cinphul's debut collection celebrating the goddess of love, sex, and war.

Second Life

Where to find the latest cinphul releases in Second Life events.



The Warehouse Sale

The Warehouse Sale

New exclusive releases at steep discounts every month.

Midnight Order

Midnight Order

Biannual dark market for everything Goth, Noir & Macabre.



Biannual event inspired by a cyberpunk Japan at the core.






The future, the horror. cinphul is in its element at this event.



Biannual inter-galactic bliss Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi event.


Lazy Sunday

Weekly steals on Second Life Marketplace by Seraphim Events.


All the ways to connect with us

The fastest way to reach us is through our Discord server where you can share your latest virtual photography and stay up to date on the latest product drops!

You can direct all customer service related questions in a notecard to Imokon Neox. Please note there are no refunds without legitimate transaction IDs or for double purchases.

All influencer and media related inquiries and concerns can be directed to Scar Requiem.