We are looking for creative influencers who enjoy expressing their dark side and are at home with adult, bloody, or sci-fi styles in order to promote our otherworldy products.

Currently, we are only accepting applications through Blogotex however alternative arrangements can be considred in the future.


Communication is Everything.

You must contact Scar Requiem for any and all concerns regarding blogging (including lifting suspensions and deadline extensions).

Failure to do so will put you at risk of removal from the team regardless of post count. Taking products and leaving the system without any word will result in blacklisting.

All decisions made by Scar on approvals of either applications or posts are final.

Branding Guidelines

Application Guidelines

  • [01] Influencers are required to promote cinphul and maintain at least 1 active social media presence on a platform in addition to Flickr. This can be any one or more of the following; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.
  • [02] Influencers are accepted as individuals: Partner/ alt accounts are not accepted at this time.
  • [03] Due to the adult nature of our products we will not accept influencers who are/ feature child-like avatars in their photography.

Posting Requirements

  • [01] Everyone is required to post from the unisex category + at least 1 body rig category.
  • [02] Minimum 1 unique post per month featuring a product not previously blogged in the past 3 months.
  • [03] Products need to be prominently displayed: use common sense closeups if needed.
  • [04] Use social media marketing correctly: tag, share, link**, add to official groups/ pools where relevant.
  • [05] You must align with specific product information and landmarks in the case of events, hunts, and limited availability.
  • [06] The 'product' consists of all coordinated items in a delivery hud and must be blogged together for credit.
  • [07] You may repurpose positioning a 'product' in your post but must emphasize that you did so e.g. hairstick worn as back spikes.
  • [08] Using generative AI, watermarked or unethically sourced stock in a post representing cinphul is strictly prohibited.


* #cinphulsl is only acceptable as a secondary hashtag


**Non-Flickr Pro users are not required to link in the description of their post per Flickr Terms of Service however everything else such as tagging and including your photo in the official cinphul group pool is required.