Size Requests

Did you find a cinphul product that was not offered in your chosen body rig in Second Life? You're in the right place! All requests are considered, but it is not a guarantee it will be implemented.


About Size Packaging

cinphul rigged products will now be sold separately by body size and labeled accordingly.

The indicator "[all sizes]" is to define a delivery of all body sizes made for a product at time of release which will be supported with future updates for a limited time.

All cinphul products will still include a full texture HUD and modify permissions for mesh where advertised regardless of being labeled "FATPACK" or not as this suffix is neccessary for vendor software only.

There are planned updates to most past shoes but past clothing may or may not be updated in the future as the design quality and style evolve. Instead they may be retired and/ or replaced with new products pending on time constraints.

Need for Size Request Form

Instead of another generic survey randomly guessing what's trending, this request form is offered, which will be reviewed monthly and worked on with arbitrary priority. Preference is given to current/ active customers and to dev kits that are updated regularly by their makers.

There are no guarantees that your request will be approved as kits cycle out and new generations of bodies come into the ecosystem, but they will all be considered.

By decreasing time wasted rigging for sizes that cinphul customers do not wear we can invest in making more clothing type items.

To keep up with the latest updates join the official cinphul Discord server.